Fun Stories for Kids: Perfect Little Tales

The stories we read as children have a deep impact on us. They shape our understanding of the world and help to form who we are. We all remember the feeling of sitting in front of a fireplace or under a blanket with our favourite book, lost in another world for hours on end.

The best stories for kids are the ones that inspire them to read and learn! Stories are like magic that can transport us into new worlds and teach us about ourselves along the way. This blog article shares some short stories for kids that you might want to share with your own little one!

10 Benefits of Stories for Kids

Reading is by far the most important activity you can do with your child. It is so important for them to hear lots of stories because the connection they make with the words is vital, especially when they are young. One of our core values is to respect each child and their unique learning needs.

Here are 10 reasons why you should read stories with your kids:

1. It improves creativity

The ability to create new things, to play with words, and to write are three essential skills that children develop through reading.

2. It expands their thinking

Reading stories can expand a child’s vocabulary, as well as seeing the  different perspectives of other characters.  By creating a picture of how characters feel and what they think about situations in their lives, children can begin developing their own personal way of thinking.

3. It expands their imagination

Kids can be easily distracted by the world around them, but a good book can help them to expand their imagination. Having the ability to focus on something else is important when you live in a fast-paced world.

4. It helps them learn about the world

Books help children to understand the world around them, which they can then use to make better decisions. Books that are used for educational purposes, also develops a child’s memory and understanding of language and helps with problem solving.

5. It improves empathy

Reading about the lives of others can help a child to understand life from another perspective. By exposing them to books that possess characters with empathy helps them to adapt this trait in their own character.

6. It reduces stress

Stress has become an epidemic over the past few decades, and it’s no surprise that our 24/7 world is contributing to it! Kids are exposed to a lot of stress in their environment and in school, so reading to them can reduce it. Helping them manage stress effectively is essential for when they grow up.

7. It helps them express themselves

A book can help a child to express what they feel and ask questions that they may not want to ask anyone else. It helps kids learn how to use words creatively and come up with stories of their own!

8. It improves their concentration level

Kids these days are easily distracted and have a short attention span. A good book can help them to focus on one thing for longer periods of time.

9. It sharpens their memory

Kids tend to forget things that they hear, read, or see with relative ease, but when they read books, they are seen to retain the information for longer periods of time.

10. It helps them learn new words faster

Storybooks expose kids to new words and help them to gain familiarity with what a word actually means. Books can also help your child develop better reading skills and it is ultimately a great way to encourage children to read!

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9 Stories for Kids to Read

A lot of good books are written these days and there are so many genres that it can be hard to know what to choose. We’ve picked these nine great books to help get you started with your storybook reading list. These are a great place to start when you don’t know which books you want to read with your kids!

1. One Very Tired Wombat by Renee Treml

This is an adorable little story about an Australian wombat who is having a super hard day. He is exhausted and wants to sleep! The other animals around him try all kinds of things to keep him awake, but he is determined to sleep. The book ends with the animals finally getting Wombat off to bed to have a little peace and quiet themselves. This book is filled with great rhyming sentences and gorgeous illustrations, which will suck your child right in.

2. The Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey

This Aussie classic story comes straight from Dreamtime. It tells how the rainbow serpent was put there by the Creator and protected all Aboriginal tribes. One day, the Rainbow Serpent sees a hunter and becomes very mad. He swallows up all the water in the river so that he can swim away from him. The hunter is then left with no water at all and wants to get revenge. This story links to Aboriginal culture, which helps bring it to life for Australian kids.

3. It’s Bedtime, William! by Deborah Niland

No more jumping! William won’t go to bed. This is a funny book about a parent who follows his little boy around trying to get him to sleep. This story shows that parents can’t always be friends, especially when it comes to bedtime. But it does show we can find friends when we need them. If your kids love adventure stories, they will love this! The illustrations are quirky and bring the story to life.

4. Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French

Take a sneak peek into the life of a wombat as he goes about the business of making his home, eating and sleeping. Although it looks like a fluffy storybook, it’s actually a serious educational book that teaches kids how wombats live.

5. A Bear and a Tree by Stephen Michael King

This is a playful bedtime story. Is it almost time for Bear’s big sleep? Or has he been woken up again? Either way, the big sleepy head can’t help himself! This is a fun little book about a bear who is crashing out at night and never wakes up until morning. It’s always a laugh when Bear gets to sleep in his fluffy bed. If you want to add some animal-themed books to your kids’ library, this one is a great place to start.

6. Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles

Edward is tired of his life as an emu. He wants to be something different, something special. Night after night, he prays for a change of fate, and finally, his wish is granted. He isn’t an emu anymore. This is the cutest little story about self-acceptance.

7. The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs

This is an absolute classic! If there’s one book your parents read to you as a kid, it was likely this one. These friends are ready for an adventure in this lovely story. This is one of those books that has stood the test of time and will continue to resonate with kids for years to come. Short and sweet, this book is perfect for bedtime. It will always be etched into the memory of your child that you read the story to them while both of you cried at the end.

8. Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall

You probably know Blinky Bill from the children’s television series, but did you know that he has his own book? In this story, Blinky Bill is tired and in need of a good snooze. The trouble is, there’s just so much to do! He tries to sleep, but all kinds of animals are getting in the way. Finally, Blinky Bill finds the perfect place to snuggle up, and he falls fast asleep. This is a great read for little ones at bedtime because it gets them thinking about how they would get their own sleep if they could. This is one of the most popular stories because it is truly a must-have.

9. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd

This one technically isn’t Australian. A New Zealand children’s author writes it, and it is a classic. There’s a new edition by the same title as an American version, but you’ll still find it in libraries here in Australia. This book has been around for decades — and we think that says something about it! Hairy Maclary doesn’t let anything get in the way of greatness, especially his own bad habits.

These are a few of the best children’s books for bedtime. Have you read any of these books to your children? What do you think?

Reading is a great way to bond with your child. It’s also an opportunity for you and them to explore the world of literature together. Be sure to spend time reading with your little one, even if it means making some sacrifices in other areas or spending more money on books than you would have liked. The benefits will be worth it!

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