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Wonder and knowledge engage your child’s interest. Our centres’ unique designs and play-based learning encourages their desire to explore.

Unlocking potential through play-based learning

At Little Scribblers, we unlock your child's potential through the powerful blend of Reggio and Montessori philosophies. Our play-based learning approach celebrates each child's individuality, fostering a love for exploration and discovery. By combining the child-led creativity of Reggio with the structured independence of Montessori, we create an environment where young learners thrive, developing essential skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Join us as we nurture confident, curious, and capable children ready to take on the world.
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Preschooler building using toys during organised activities at early learning centre

Empowering young learners

At Little Scribblers, we believe in empowering young learners through hands-on, play-based learning. We design our state-of-the-art early learning centres to ignite your child's curiosity and foster their creativity. With Reggio Emilia and Montessori philosophies at the core of our approach, we provide enriching environments that encourage children to discover, learn, and grow.
  • Engaging activities that stimulate curiosity and encourage active learning.
  • Opportunities for children to express themselves through art, music, and imaginative play.
  • Safe, supportive spaces where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Meet Our Little Scribblers Talented Team

Wonder and knowledge engage your child’s interest. Our centres’ unique designs and play-based learning encourages their desire to explore.
Bo Early Childhood Teacher


Early Childhood Teacher
Bo is an Early Childhood Teacher with a passion for high quality education and care. She views each child as precious and unique, highly capable, competent and curious.


Centre Leader
Vanessa is a mother and centre supervisor at Little Scribblers ELC. She is dedicated to nurturing children and collaborating with families.


Centre Leader
Jessica is a dedicated early childhood teacher, blending experience with passion to nurture children and stand up for their rights.


Centre Leader
With a decade of experience, Natalie is delighted to be able to contribute to the lives of children and families.


Area Manager
24 years' experience empowering educators to build solid foundations, to ensure children have an optimal start in education.


Centre Leader
Hazel is an experienced early childhood centre supervisor who is committed to nurturing inclusive environments and fostering children's growth and development.


Enrollments Consultant
Katerina is an Enrolment Consultant at Little Scribblers, passionate about guiding families to exceptional early childhood education and nurturing children's educational journeys.


Head of Finance
As the Finance Manager at Little Scribblers, Katie brings six years of childcare experience and a Finance Degree to the table, all while fostering a cheerful, fun, and engaging environment.
Renee Eyles-Oberg

Renee Eyles-Oberg

Head of Sales & Marketing
Renee is an early childhood practitioner who prioritises children's education and development first. She has over 24 years in the field.
Jackie Daniels

Jackie Daniels

Managing Director
Jackie Daniels co-founded Little Scribblers, blending corporate expertise with Early Childhood Education, and is committed to charitable work.

Silvia Mikhial

Managing Director
Silvia believes in driving excellence and innovation within Little Scribblers, ensuring exceptional early childhood education for all.

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Join our team at Little Scribblers to become part of a passionate community dedicated to empowering young learners and nurturing their growth through innovative, play-based education. 

Hear from hundreds of happy parents at Little Scribblers

Ivy ThuIvy Thu
11:06 27 Nov 23
I currently studying Cert lll and undergoing work placement at this centre Little Scribblers, where I initially gained valuable experience in Mrs Kimmy's room which was wonderful and taught me a lot.I am writing this review to share my experience of spending over 7 weeks in the Snow Leopards room with Mrs Usra, which was an exceptional experience. Her dedication to creating an exciting and inclusive learning environment is evident. She also balances play and intentional teaching to ensure every child feels valued, and engaged and thoroughly enjoys their time in the room.Mrs Usra's warmth and genuine care for the children made my time there incredibly enriching. I highly appreciate her guidance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Prabin BhattaraiPrabin Bhattarai
22:04 15 Nov 23
I was currently allocated in snow leopard room for placement. Room seems so friendly for kids and kids are enjoying with teacher whole day. Love to see smile on every kids face.
Dayna FitzGeraldDayna FitzGerald
22:48 14 Nov 23
My 4 year old son loves this preschool. He has been going since the beginning of this year and has enjoyed it so much. Miss Asmita in the Snow Leopards room is really good with my son and she will always keep me updated with his progress. Thank you for continuing to teach and support my son.
Solji LeeSolji Lee
21:56 14 Nov 23
Miss Asmita is amzing educator who really loves her children! I really love how she responds to each childs and create inclusive environment for everyone❣️ the Snow leopard room is lovely and the curriculum that runs within the class is amazing 🤩 i was impressed how the curriculum is balanced well between intentional teaching and play based learning for the children to have fun. I really like this centre and Miss Asmita ⭐️
Bianca BarakatBianca Barakat
05:07 14 Nov 23
I am currently an ACU student who has been allocated the Cheetahs room to complete my early childhood placement. The educators, Ms Anita and Ms Gloria, have been so supportive and have provided immense guidance each and every day. They are constantly teaching me new skills from their experiences and are always open to answer any questions or queries I may have in regards to the development of young infants. They have made this experience so enjoyable and have provided me with inspiration through their learning experiences and spontaneous play spaces. I have gained so much knowledge from this placement that I will continue to use within my own professional development and future teaching.
qurui caoqurui cao
13:39 29 Sep 23
I was fortunate enough to do a 30 working days internship here. the education and guidance I received from Ms Rita and Ms Nirjana was very rewarding. They educated me on how to interact with small children as a teacher and an equal friend, and to complete every teaching task with a positive mindset.The teachers at the childcare centre were very helpful and also encouraged me to learn as much as I could about everything I needed to know.From my experience during my internship, the childcare centre takes great care of the children, not only in terms of education, but in every moment from morning to night.
Cecilia VellutiniCecilia Vellutini
06:40 14 Sep 23
Amazing centre… The educators are all caring and nurturing for the kids. Miss Rita is sweet and she is always providing regular updates, and she definitely loves her job and her kids.When we got back from our long holidays in Europe, I was nervous because I wanted to find a good quality preschool for my 5 years old boy… I found an amazing team of educators , beautiful centre.. so nurturing and caring for they little children..Thank you for your wonderful job

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Wonder and knowledge engage your child’s interest. Our centres’ unique designs and play-based learning encourages their desire to explore.

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