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Welcome to Little Scribblers Kindergarten, where our mission is to empower children to succeed and cultivate a passion for lifelong learning.

At Little Scribblers, our objective is to create engaging and transformative settings that foster a sense of wonder, imagination, and personal development. At our Early Learning Centres, we prioritise your child's development by creating state-of-the-art facilities. Our approach to learning is inspired by a blend of the Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies, providing hands-on, play-based opportunities that foster a love for exploration and discovery.

Welcome to the Little Scribblers Kindergarten

At Little Scribblers, we celebrate each child as a unique individual, capable of deep engagement and profound learning. Our educators are dedicated to nurturing your child's natural curiosity, guiding them to explore their interests, and encouraging them to express themselves creatively.

We invite you to join us and in shaping your child's educational experience. Your involvement and support are invaluable in creating a nurturing and supportive environment where every child can thrive.

We are excited to meet your family and to welcome you to the Little Scribblers community!

Learning is best through play

At Little Scribblers, we fully incorporate the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into every aspect of our programme. Our approach focuses on play-based learning, as we believe that children learn best when they actively engage in meaningful experiences that match their interests and developmental needs.

  • Our centres prioritise creating a nurturing and comforting environment for children.
  • Children are empowered to develop a strong sense of self-confidence.
  • Interactions with other children are handled with careful consideration, understanding, and respect.
  • Combining elements of Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies creates a nurturing atmosphere that encourages positive learning experiences and strong relationships.

Growing up at Little Scribblers is fun

At Little Scribblers, our passionate team of teachers and educators is entirely focused on providing excellent education for your children. We recognise the significance of creating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere that fosters a sense of value, respect, and empowerment. This enables every child to discover their full potential.

  • A nurturing daycare centre where children thrive with happiness and contentment.
  • High-quality preschool and early education programme
  • Relationships focused on the well-being and development of children.
  • Nutritional meals designed by Sydney’s leading Kids Gourmet Foods.
  • Experience exceptional cleanliness and hygiene with daily onsite linen washing.
  • A high-level security and surveillance.
  • A parent’s kiosk for easy sign in and out.
  • Modern technologies in our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten classrooms.
  • Access to our comprehensive phonics, literacy, and numeracy programme that aligns perfectly with the Early Stage One Learning Curriculum for NSW and VIC.
  • An expansive play area complete with a wide range of equipment to foster the growth and development of every child.
  • The latest updates, observations, and photos of your child, all conveniently accessible through your mobile phone.
  • A team consisting of highly qualified and compassionate professionals.
Peakhurst Little Scribblers Early Learning Centre
Toddler at Sutherland Little Scribblers Early Learning Centre

Meet Our Little Scribblers Talented Team

Wonder and knowledge engage your child’s interest. Our centres’ unique designs and play-based learning encourages their desire to explore.
Bo Early Childhood Teacher


Early Childhood Teacher
Bo is an Early Childhood Teacher with a passion for high quality education and care. She views each child as precious and unique, highly capable, competent and curious.


Centre Leader
Vanessa is a mother and centre supervisor at Little Scribblers ELC. She is dedicated to nurturing children and collaborating with families.


Centre Leader
Jessica is a dedicated early childhood teacher, blending experience with passion to nurture children and stand up for their rights.


Centre Leader
With a decade of experience, Natalie is delighted to be able to contribute to the lives of children and families.


Area Manager
24 years' experience empowering educators to build solid foundations, to ensure children have an optimal start in education.


Centre Leader
Hazel is an experienced early childhood centre supervisor who is committed to nurturing inclusive environments and fostering children's growth and development.


Enrollments Consultant
Katerina is an Enrolment Consultant at Little Scribblers, passionate about guiding families to exceptional early childhood education and nurturing children's educational journeys.


Head of Finance
As the Finance Manager at Little Scribblers, Katie brings six years of childcare experience and a Finance Degree to the table, all while fostering a cheerful, fun, and engaging environment.
Renee Eyles-Oberg

Renee Eyles-Oberg

Head of Sales & Marketing
Renee is an early childhood practitioner who prioritises children's education and development first. She has over 24 years in the field.
Jackie Daniels

Jackie Daniels

Managing Director
Jackie Daniels co-founded Little Scribblers, blending corporate expertise with Early Childhood Education, and is committed to charitable work.

Silvia Mikhial

Managing Director
Silvia believes in driving excellence and innovation within Little Scribblers, ensuring exceptional early childhood education for all.

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Wonder and knowledge engage your child’s interest. Our centres’ unique designs and play-based learning encourages their desire to explore.

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