6 Ways Childcare Centres Prepare Kids For Transition To Big School

The start of school is a transition shared by all children, whether they move to another house or welcome a sibling. It involves adapting to new routines, navigating unfamiliar environments, and learning new skills.

While one kid may be excited about starting big school, another may feela little scared, and another may not know what to think about the transition.

Luckily, childcare educators have a school preparation checklist a child transitioning into big school can benefit from. We examine how educators can help make this move a positive experience for children and families.

Encourage Familiarisation With Routines And Schedules

Transitioning to big school can be an overwhelming experience for any child. However, childcare centres have implemented ways to prepare kids for this big step. One of the methods centres use is to familiarise children with routines and schedules.

By following timed activities and routines, children learn how to manage their time and understand the importance of punctuality. This also helps them adjust better to a big school’s routine. From breakfast to nap time, children learn to take orders and follow a set programme, which are crucial skills for their development. It’s for this reason that parents should choose a childcare centre that prioritises routines and schedules to prepare their children for the big school transition.

Foster Independence

Promoting independence is a crucial part of the process when it comes to preparing children for the transition to big school. That’s why childcare centres place a significant emphasis on fostering independence in their young charges.

Childcare educators often incorporate activities and exercises that encourage children to become more self-sufficient. These activities include teaching them how to dress, tie their shoes, and pack their bags. By nurturing these skills, children develop confidence and autonomy, which helps them thrive in a classroom setting.

Moreover, learning to do things for themselves fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability, which are highly valued in the academic world. By promoting independence, childcare centres are helping children become more resilient, adaptable, and ready to take on new challenges easily.

Build Social Skills

Preparing children to transition from childcare centres to big schools is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful start to their education journey. One of the ways childcare centres do this is by focusing on building the children’s social skills.

Children learn to share, cooperate, take turns, express emotions, and make friends through play-based activities and group interactions. These skills are essential for a positive school experience, as children will encounter a wider range of peers and social situations.Children are better prepared to succeed in the classroom by developing social skills early on.They also form positive relationships with their peers and teachers throughout their academic journey.

Provide Early Literacy And Numeracy Skills

Early literacy and numeracy skills are essential for children as they prepare to transition to big school. Childcare centres play a crucial role in ensuring that children have a strong foundation in these skills. These skills are developed through storytelling, rhyming games, counting, and more.

Reading to children and introducing them to letters and numbers helps them succeed academically and fosters a love of learning. Childcare educators also provide opportunities for children to engage in pretend play, which develops their imagination and creativity. These centres can prepare children for a successful transition to big school by providing a fun and nurturing environment.

Promote Cognitive Development

Childcare centres are crucial in preparing kids for the transition to big schools. Apart from offering a safe environment where kids can learn social skills, they also promote cognitive development.

The centres use puzzles, educational games, and storytelling to help the children develop cognitive abilities. For example, the children learn how to solve problems by using puzzles. At the same time, storytelling allows them to develop their language and literary skills. The activities employed are fun, aiding the children’s intellectual growth.

Teach Good Hygiene Practices

Good hygiene practices are essential for children as it helps keep them healthy and illness-free. Childcare centres understand the importance of instilling good hygiene habits in kids early on. Plus, these practices are especially beneficial for starting big school.

Childcare centres teach kids the importance of washing their hands regularly and not sharing personal items. Childcare educators also teach them the importance of covering their noses and mouth when coughing or sneezing and using clean tissues to blow their noses.

By implementing these good hygiene practices, childcare centres help children stay healthy in their early years, building astrong immune system that will help them navigate the new environment of big school.


Childcare centres must recognise the unique needs of children transitioning to big schools. By so doing, they can provide an appropriate environment to facilitate the child’s development. These centres should aim to develop active listening and verbal communication in children and support the maturation of the natural inclination to share. They should promote an understanding of why rules exist, provide opportunities for creative self-expression, instil a love of learning, emphasise problem solving techniques and allow time for reflection. Given these tools, children will be better prepared for primary schooling and equipped with essential skills for navigating educational journeys. That said, remember that each child faces individual challenges as they start going to big school – but by equipping them with the right skills early on in life, their paths can be further smoothed out.

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